Different Kinds of Lawyers

You would find that there are basically two kinds of jobs that people possess in society today. The blue collar job is one of these two. Those who have this type of job was not required to have possessed degree from college or the university. The second kind is the white collar job. These are the jobs that those who work in offices usually have. These jobs require one to have at least a college degree. Check out Dodge Jones for more info.

The lawyer is a job that falls under the white collar job. This is a working professional that is adept in the law field. There are many fields of expertise in law and that is the reason why there are different kinds of lawyers that can be found today. Below you would find some examples of these lawyers. Check out Dodge Jones at this link to get started.

The divorce lawyer is one example of a lawyer. Many ex-married couples get the services of this type of lawyer in order to help them in their divorce. In many places such as the US, there is a high rate of married couples who get a divorce. This is indeed sad but they need to move on and in order for them to do that they get the help of a divorce lawyer. One work of divorce lawyer for them is to split their assets and the child custody too amicably between the ex-couple.

The corporate lawyer is yet another type of lawyer. There are many corporations who hire corporate lawyers to represent them in court and to arrange their legal documents. Lawyers of this type usually command a big salary for the work that they do for the company.

Another kind of lawyer is the compensation lawyer. This worker is one who studies and practices about compensation law. Usually this lawyer represents union workers or the other side which is the management. When it comes to compensation law this may vary according to places. For example there is the North Carolina workers compensation law that compensation lawyers in North Carolina need to know about.

The personal injury lawyer is also an example of lawyer with a different specialization. This type of lawyer practices personal injury law. If a person had an accident because of negligence of someone this is the lawyer that is hired to represent the aggrieved person.

The criminal lawyer is another type of lawyer. The criminal lawyer is the one that represents the criminal. This lawyer can also be the one that represents the victim of the criminal.

The lawyers in Jacksonville NC also vary in specialization. Different people will have different needs for a lawyer. Now the more experienced the lawyer is, the higher the professional fee that he or she charges.
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